Framing the Story: TED Radio Hour takes a look at the power of narrative

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Framing-the-StoryTelling stories is that thing that makes us human. Stories ignite our imagination, and let us leap over cultural walls and cross the barriers of time. They bring us to other worlds and let us explore other lives and yet, at the same time, give us a better understanding of our own time, place and emotions.

Today’s TED Radio Hour, called “Framing the Story,” delves into how, and why, we weave narratives. It begins with Andrew Stanton, the filmmaker behind Toy Story and WALL-E, on why jokes have power — because they build a pointed story, heading toward a punchline. Next, Tracy Chevalier, the novelist who brought us the book The Girl with the Pearl Earring, shares how she would stare at a print of the two-dimensional painting by Vermeer and couldn’t help but imagine the three-dimensional tale behind its creation. Next, graphic designer Chip Kidd

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